Top Ways To Make Income From Your Blog

Love blogging but bills still need to be paid? There’s no reason you can’t make money doing what you love. Here are some great (and often passive!) ways you can create revenue from your blog!

1. Advertising

Whether you sell your ads manually or opt for an advertising network like Google’s AdSense, on-page advertising can be a great, passive way to create income and also share the love to brands and sites that fit well with your brand.

Some great tools to get started selling ads are Passionfruit Ads and AdSense.

2. Sign Up For An Affiliate Program

If your blog typically reviews or advertises products that you love – maybe it’s an outfit, some beauty or skincare products or even technology, signing up to an affiliate network allows you to make a commission when a reader buys the product on your recommendation (or using your link to the store).

Affiliate Programs can be added to your blog from day dot and work really well with a loyal and engaged audience. Many affiliate networks also allow for affiliate links to be used via Social Media meaning you can easily harness your followings too!

Some ones to check out are Commission Factory, RewardStyle or ShopStyle.

3. Sponsor Your Social

Social Media is where it’s at. How many times have you seen a product on instagram and thought I need it! Brands are getting on the bandwagon and many are willing to pay for sponsored, authentic content to advertise their product to your following. You can easily advertise your rates for sponsored social media posts via your media kit, using Passionfruit Ads or on an advertising page on your blog.

4. Sell Products or Services

If you’re seen as an expert in the field you’re writing on (or even if you’re not!) you can definitely offer great products or eProducts that could interest your readers and create revenue. It might be an organisational planner printable, a worksheet, a poster, a range of candles, nail polishes or even a service offering 1-1 consults on what it is you do best!

5. Offer Members-only content

Another way you could make money from your blog is by offering members-only content. It might be that they automatically get access to your new eProducts or extended tutorials or content.

An example might be for a DIY or Styling blog, offering members sign ups for $5/month and giving them worksheets or tutorials each month to transform their home. Five dollars might not sound like much, but it can add up quickly!

6. Collaborate on Posts

Collaborating with brands to offer feature content on your blog that’s sponsored (and make sure you make it clear to your readers that the spot has been paid for) is another great way to generate income from your online space. Team with brands that match your blog’s vision and create fun and interesting angles to give value to both the brand advertising and your readers. Win, win for everyone involved!


Top Ways to Make Money from Your Blog

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