Top Ways to Increase Your Blog’s Pageviews

Looking at your analytics and noticing your page views are quite low? Your bounce rate (or people that only view one page and then leave) is really high and all round there’s not much engagement? Here are some tips to help!

Internal Links

Internal Links are a fantastic way to link through to other posts you’ve written. If you’re doing a summary of chocolate recipes you love, for example, link to another popular dessert recipe using the keyword ‘dessert’ or maybe a post on how to melt chocolate for cooking.

Top Ways to Increase Your Blog's Pageviews

An example of internal links on PopSugar, linking through to other related posts on their site.

Related Posts

Offering more posts to a reader is a great way to keep them reading on!

The YARP (Yet Another Related Post) plugin is our pick, allowing you to easily add related posts to the bottom of each post.

Want a fly out related post that appears as the reader scrolls through your post? Try upPrev, it does just that and best of all you can choose whether you want a random post, the next in post order or the next in the category.

Post Sliders

Splitting ‘best of’ posts into separate slides using the Theia Slider Plugin brings those page views right up and keeps your blog looking clean. With no extra load time either, your readers will love it!

Top Ways to Increase Your Blog's Pageviews

Refinery29 loves using a slider in their ‘best of’ posts to increase Page Views.

Popular Posts

Want to show off your most popular posts? Top 10 is a great plugin to do just that. Pop it in your sidebar and choose whether you want popular posts of the day, the week, the month or more! The plugin automatically counts the visits to each post too which is great for reporting back to brands.

Comment Redirection

After commenting you can redirect a user using the Comment Redirect plugin. An idea could be to redirect them to a page encouraging them to subscribe to your mailing list or a page full of your favourite hard-to-resist posts to keep them reading on!

Lastly, don’t be shy of promoting those posts! You’ve put so much effort into writing them the last thing you want is to see them sitting in the deep, dark corners of the internet getting no love. Worried about over-promoting your posts? Check out a post on The Cut to see just how many of the tips we’ve mentioned above they’re using to drive their readers to more and more of their great content.


Top Ways to Increase Your Blog's Pageviews

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  • Great tips, and thanks for the heads up on the slider and comment redirection! Definitely going to look into those!

    • Thanks M! They’re definitely the two things that made the biggest different on our blogs! x

  • Good share Madeline! Never though about the comment redirection, great tip. Kate, Wondrous x

    • Thanks Kate! It’s a great way to encourage reader’s that are already engaging to check out more of your content! x

  • Hi Madeleine, Can you please suggest alternate plugins that can be used on Blogger platform.

  • natalie james

    Hi thanks again, as I receive these tips from you I am trying to add them to my site, so useful. I have added the plugin Yarpp but I cannot see it on my page, i have put it on a footer. Is that correct.

  • natalie james

    Im really struggling to get Yarpp going can you help please.

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