Top Plugins to Speed Up Your WordPress Blog

Your WordPress blog’s loading speed is super important. Not only will a slow loading site cause readers to leave (ain’t nobody got time for a slow site!) but it can also adversely affect your google rank.


So how can you speed things up? A lot of the time the main cause of a slow blog is down to the size of the images. To prevent your site from being dragged down with huge image sizes always save your images as JPG’s and only at the dimensions you need. Tip! Don’t upload them straight to your WordPress blog from your camera without resizing them first.

But what image dimensions do I need? To find out the perfect dimensions for your images take a look around your blog and find the biggest version of your blog’s images. This might be in a home page image slider or on the actual blog post’s header, or in the content itself. In Chrome web browser put your cursor over the image and right click. Click Inspect Element. Hover over the piece of code that starts with <img in the window that appears at the bottom of your browser. There you will see the dimensions of your image as shown in the screenshot below.

You can then use Photoshop, LightroomPicMonkey or Canva to resize and save your images ready for upload.

Top Plugins to Speed Up Your WordPress Blog

An example of us discovering what size our images are rendered at. In this example our image is 475px wide and 247px high.

Other ways to speed up your WordPress blog are by using caching and optimising plugins. Some of our favourites are;

WP Super Cache

Our pick of the caching plugin bunch, WP Super Cache is one of the most popular plugins for WordPress users. It’s super easy to install and activate and just runs in the background speeding your site up. How does it work? The plugin basically creates static HTML file versions of every page of your blog. These are quicker to load than the regular PHP coded pages, used by default.

EWWW Image Optimizer

Reduce the data size of your images even more with this super handy plugin. Once installed and activated the EWWW Image Optimizer optimises each image as you upload it. You can also bulk optimise any images already in your media library or theme!

Better WordPress Minify

The Better WordPress Minify plugin basically removes any white space from your themes code. This reduces the file size of all your site’s code and allows for faster loading speeds. Once installed and activated it automatically does it thing in the background, super easy!


Top Plugins to Speed Up Your WordPress Blog

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  • Can’t get enough of your plugin recommendations! Thank you 🙂

    Ash / The Beauty Collection

  • I love EWWW Image Optimizer – I had no idea how slow my site was until I check… working on improving it now 🙂 The WP Super Cache plugin says it won’t work with my version of WordPress though 🙁 Shame considering I only just updated it last week.. Oh well – hopefully they will update it soon. Thanks for the awesome recommendations. xo

    • It’s so great isn’t it! Definitely try the WP Super Cache we’re running the latest versions of both with no problems 🙂 x

  • natalie james

    Thanks so much. Would you recommend we install all 3 plug-ins? I have a photography blog where my image quality is important, would this make a difference to which plug-in I use? thanks

    • Hi Natalie, each of them do different things so you can definitely install all of them! x

  • Just downloaded EWWW Image Optimizer. I love tech tip tuesday!

    How many plugins would you say are ok to have running on WordPress? I have heard 15 active before, what do you think?

  • writeofthemiddle

    Love your tips Madeleine! WP Super Cache & Better WordPress Minify say they are untested with my version of WordPress. Would they be safe and/or worthwhile to install anyway? I’ve installed Ewww Image Optimizer! 🙂

    • They’re most definitely ok to install. WP has just had another round of updates so they can lag a bit in ‘being tested’ but I’ve had no issues with either! x

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