How to Send Your Blog Posts via Email

Wanting to know how you can update your email subscribers each time you update your blog with a new post? Or let them choose between receiving an email notification each time or a summary once week? It’s as easy as a simple one-time setup in MailChimp!

First login or create an account in MailChimp. Head to Lists (in the top navigation) and click on your list of subscribers (or click Create List to make one!)

Under the blue highlighted Manage Subscriber menu option click Groups. Then Click Create Groups. There you can create a new group with a name (we’ve used Email Frequency as an example) and the subgroups within it. These can be called anything that suits you and your blog, as long as you know what they mean and it will make sense to your readers when subscribing.

How to Send Your Blog Posts via Email

Click Save and head to Signup Forms in the sub menu.

To edit the form on your MailChimp hosted signup page click Select next to ‘General Forms’ or to create a code you can paste into a widget on your blog click Select near ‘Embedded Forms’.

You’ll then see your group options in your form and a box below with the code you need to copy and post into a Text/HTML widget in your WordPress backend.

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 4.07.20 pm

Now to make the automated emails that send your latest posts to these readers when they want it! Click Campaigns and then New Campaign. Click select next to the option RSS campaign.

First we’ll create an RSS campaign for your subscribers that want to hear about new posts each day. Enter your blog’s RSS Feed URL in the box. For WordPress users this is typically Then select ‘everyday’ from the first drop down and the time that you’d like your email to be sent from the second. Keep every day’s checkbox selected and select the box to resize RSS images (this will keep your email looking pretty). Click Next in the bottom right corner.

How to Send Your Blog Posts via Email

From the next page’s list click Send to a group or new segment. Keep the drop down as any and then select your group’s name from the first drop down and then the subgroup that matches your group for the users that want updates immediately or every time a new post is published. Click Next.

How to Send Your Blog Posts via Email

Fill in the details on the next page you can have these as anything you like. The subject can be changed to something like ‘There’s something new on [your blog name]!” for example.

On the next page you’ll select a template (make sure it’s one of the one’s that includes RSS in the title) and then tweak the template to include your colours and logo.

Where it has text like *|RSSFEED:TITLE|* this is known as a ‘Merge Tag’ and represents the dynamic content that will change for each email depending on the blog post. This text would, for example, be replaced with the blog post’s title. and *|RSSITEM:DATE|* would be replaced with the date the post was published on. You can definitely remove the ones that you don’t want to include in your email as well as the text around them or even add others that you can find in MailChimp’s RSS Merge Tags Library.

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 4.18.01 pm

Lastly, you just hit next to review everything and confirm your campaign. Once this is done, it’s live and will automatically start sending emails. Haven’t posted anything? Don’t worry a blank email won’t be sent. It only sends an email when there’s something new!

To create another campaign for the users that opted for once a week emails just follow the exact same steps but change the days under the RSS Feed tab to one only. Maybe Monday morning? Or Wednesday at lunch time? This way they only get one email with all the new posts of that week inside it.

How to Send Your Blog Posts via Email

On Recipients choose the ‘Once a Week’ subgroup.

How to Send Your Blog Posts via Email


How to Send Your Blog Posts via Email

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