How to Optimise Your Blog’s Images for Search

We all want more peepers on our posts and one of the best ways is to make sure we’re properly optimising our post’s for search, Google and of course Pinterest too!

Often if you’re writing a piece on a very popular topic you might not ever make it to page one of the regular text search but with a few tweaks you can easily get your gorgeous images at the top of the image search which is growing in popularity for Google users especially in areas like recipes, fashion and beauty.

Here’s the three things you need to remember to get the biggest bang from your blog’s imagery!

  1. Resize your images. Don’t just upload them straight from your camera. You can use PicMonkey, Photoshop or Lightroom to do this. Always save them as JPG’s (unless you really need a transparent background, or you’re making an animated GIF, JPG is always the way to go!) they load much faster. Also resize the images to the width or height you need. This will make the file size smaller in turn, meaning your blog loads faster which your readers and Google love!
  2. Use your keyword as the file name. When you’re finished editing and resizing your images save them with your blog post’s title or keyword as the file name. For example for this blog post I could use HowToOptimiseYourBlogsImagesforSearch.jpg and if I had a second, HowToOptimiseYourBlogsImagesforSearch_2.jpg. Takes a little extra time but it’s definitely worth it!
  3. Use your alt tags. When uploading your image in WordPress to the left you will see multiple text fields; Title, Caption and Alternate Text. This Alternate Text is commonly known as your image’s alt tag and is the text that search engines use to ‘see’ what the image is. Using your blog’s post title or keywords here means the image will come up as relevant to that search criteria in search. Too easy!


How to Optimise Your Blog's Images for Search

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  • Hey, thanks for the tips. I was wondering, what should be the right file size for a sharp but optimized image. Whenever I shrink the size my picture loose sharpness

    Do drop by… GreenStory

    • Hi Tamanna

      It might be that you’re resizing them too small and then your blog’s CSS styling it is stretching them to fit the width of your blog content’s area. If you use Chrome you can right click on a paragraph of text in your blog post and it will give you a pixel width. Make them no smaller than that for a crisp image! Also if you’re using a laptop with a retina screen you will see things a little blurry. You essentially need to make all images 2x the physical size so if it’s a 600px wide image for retina it would need to be 1200px wide. This of course increases the page load time so only do it if you think it’s really necessary! x

  • Joe Lawrence

    Thanks awesome tips 🙂

  • Great tips. Sadly I only learned these after a couple of years of blogging. Now my job is to add the alt text to my photos on past posts.

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