How to Grow Your Instagram Following

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms at the moment. With over 200 million active users worldwide it’s a great way to promote and grow your blog. Some bloggers have even ditched their traditional blog in favour for having an Instagram-only presence.

Wanting to grow your Instagram following but not really sure where to start? Here are our top tips!

1. Post Regularly

If you’re only posting once every other week, the users you do gain will quickly lose interest. Not everyone see’s every post you publish, so you can find the most successful Instagrammers publishing up to 4-6 posts a day with no sign of slowing down in their follower count.

2. Be Consistent

Use a consistent filter style. We love VSCOCam app for great photo filters and editing. Opting for using the same filter gives your feed an automatic consistent feel. Remember someone might see one photo that looks great but when they click to your profile to find out more and follow you, if the six latest post previews are all completely random, it doesn’t show you at your best.

This goes for borders and decorations like text too. If you’re going to do it once, do it every time. Otherwise things start to get very messy!

3. #AllHailTheHashtag

Hashtags are a great way to get your posts in front of people that might not be following you yet. The most important thing is to keep them relevant, concise and in your comment.

Use hashtags that are popular but also relevant to your post. I.e. Don’t hashtag #flatlay on an image of you and your bestie’s selfie. Only use enough hashtags that make sense to the post, (leave the #smile #love ‘s at the door) and lastly instead of including hashtags in your image’s caption, post them straight after publishing in your image’s first comment. This leaves the caption nice and clean but still gives you all the perks.

4. Network Nicely

Growing your Instagram following is like growing your blog readership, you have to network and interact with others so that they’re aware of you. Comment, like and follow other Instagram profiles you enjoy. Not sure where to find some? Head into the profile of an account you love and click the drop down arrow that appears near the ‘Follow/Following’ button. Three similar profiles will appear that you can check out.

You can also find great accounts by searching hashtags that you commonly use, or via the location tags you often visit.

5. Timing Is Key

Don’t think just because you’re drinking that marvellous cocktail right now that you have to Instagram it straight away. Post when your followers are most active; think early in the morning when they wake up and check the latest, during their lunch break or on the commute home from work. It’s a shame to waste an amazing pic on a 4pm slump when nobody is online to see it!

Not sure when your posts are being seen? The best way (as everyone has followers from different locations!) is to start a diary or use the stats from an app like Iconosquare.

Taken a heap of great pics? Don’t undervalue the old #flashback to share some great pics of an event or day without flooding your feed with too many similar photos.

6. Make Sure Your Bio’s Not Basic

To grow your Instagram following quickly make sure you make it really easy for people to see what it is you post about. Include things in your bio like your niche, your location or even your latest blog post (use a shortener like to track clicks!) to give potential followers a hint at what they’re missing!


How to Grow Your Instagram Following

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