How to Get Readers to Subscribe to Your Blog’s Email List

It’s great having plenty of visitors to your blog each month, but what you really want is a more reliable way to keep them coming back. A way that wasn’t dependent on you paying for advertising (I’m looking at you Facebook!) and that wasn’t going to get lost in a feed of noise (like your other social media channels).

Your email list is just that. It’s a place where you can communicate to your readers in the comfort of their own inbox and really get the conversation going, encouraging them to come back time and time again!

Wondering how you can get readers to convert to email subscribers? Here are some fool-proof ways to boost your list!

Bribe them

Yep, improving your list is like offering candy to a baby. Offer your readers something they want. Keep it inline with your blog and niche maybe an eProduct or printable, exclusive behind the scenes info or even a course offering plenty of value to them.

Don’t have a product? Why not run a giveaway! Make it a requirement of entry, to be a subscriber on your list, and you’ll see a spike in subscribers super quick!

Flaunt your goods

Let visitors know what’s up for offer by subscribing to your list. Maybe it’s exclusive content or discounts? Give them an idea of what they’re missing out on, the #FOMO will kill ’em!

Make it easy!

No one is going to subscribe if they have to click through 47 pages to find a form. Make it easy for readers to get more of the great content you’re offering by having plenty of signup forms around your blog. Maybe in the sidebar, header or footer, in your post’s signoff or in a popup or slide in box.

A landing page is your best friend

Nothing will boost that list more than a great landing page. Create a page in your blog and embed your sign up form. The page should be totally focused on getting reader’s to subscribe to your list and an incentive why. A short speal of what they’re missing, what they’ll get and how to signup is all your landing page needs. Share it on social media for an no-brainer way to get those subscriptions happening!

How to Get Readers to Subscribe to Your Blog's Email List

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