How to Change Your Blog Post Author

Have a few people contributing to your blog and want to make sure you’re giving the right author credit on each post? You can manually select the author for each post within WordPress easily by following these few steps!


Activate the Author Dropdown. When in your post’s edit screen click the tab in the right hand corner of the screen that says ‘Screen Options’. Find the checkbox beside ‘Author’ and check it! You will now see an Author section that you can drag and drop wherever you prefer on your edit screen.
How To Change Your Blog Post's Author

Select Your Author. Select the author from the drop down and click the blue ‘Publish’ or ‘Update’ button to save the change! Don’t see the author in the dropdown? Make sure you’ve created a user for them under Users > Add New.

Quickly Change Your Blog Post’s Author

In a rush? Once you’ve checked the author box in Screen Options once, you can then quickly change a blog post’s author in the main posts list by hovering over the post and clicking ‘Quick Edit’. From there you’ll see the author dropdown and can change and hit update!

How To Change Your Blog Post's Author

How To Change Your Blog Post's Author

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  • Kasey Kamper-Willoughby

    Very handy, thanks!

    • Not a problem at all Kasey. A quick little tip that you might be stuck wondering about one day! 🙂

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