The Best Scheduling Tools for WordPress Bloggers

Scheduling is one of the best ways to take the pressure off of running a consistent blog, but it can be easier said than done. Of course, any blog post can be scheduled by changing the Publish time from the defaultĀ immediately to a date and time of your choosing when drafting a new post.

The Top Scheduling Tools for WordPress Bloggers

Schedule a post manually by clicking edit near Publish before publishing.

But what else? We’ve gathered the top scheduling tools for WordPress to get the most out of that productivity!

Editorial Calendar

The Editorial Calendar plugin makes it super easy to get an overview of posts, drafts, scheduled and even published. Quickly add drafts to the calendar by clicking straight on the date to organise yourself days, weeks or even months in advance.

You can also drag and drop posts to a new date in seconds, organise unscheduled drafts to the perfect spot and quickly edit posts straight from the calendar screen.


CoSchedule is our go-to scheduler for both posts and social media for our blogs. Jam packed with features, it’s a paid service but worth it’s weight in gold.

Easily schedule a post, social media posts for Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and more for weeks (yep, multiple posts to keep promoting that post!) all from one screen. You can even schedule social posts to promote older content. Life saver!

Bump the Schedule

Ever had a gorgeously scheduled lot of posts and then something breaks that you need to cover straight away? Say goodbye to rescheduling your ‘regular viewing’ one by one with this super handy plugin.

Simply select how long you want to bump your scheduled posts forward, be it a day a week or more and watch how they auto-magically shift down the calendar.



Want to schedule even more? Try these pro additions!

Internal Linking for Scheduled Posts

Love to create internal links to boost traffic on your blog? This handy plugin lets you create links for future scheduled posts so you don’t have to go back and do it later. Genius!

Scheduled Content Actions

This one let’s you schedule more specifics than just a post’s publishing time. Think turning comments on and off (great for running competitions!), making a post sticky and un-sticky and even scheduling a post to be unpublished or deleted at a certain time. Life saver!

Post Expirator

Want a plugin a little less heavy for scheduling posts to expire? Try Post Expirator. You can schedule a post to be switched to draft mode or deleted and even show when the post will expire which is awesome for competitions that you might want to run for a little bit longer at the last minute.


The Best Scheduling Tools for WordPress Bloggers

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  • AussieNinjaWarrior

    This is great!
    I’ve just started in on this world of blogging and there is so much to learn.. it’s kind of freaking me out… but this completely makes sense. I love the Bump The Schedule idea as I just tend to get excited about a particular post and then want everything else to flow afterwards.

    I still get stuck in the mindset of writing and publishing a post when I think of it, but the whole scheduling idea makes a lot more sense… then I’m not overloading my followers… then ignoring them for weeks with inconsistent post schedules.

    Thanks heaps,

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