How to Activate Facebook Instant Articles on Your WordPress Blog

You may have noticed over the past few months when clicking certain article links within the Facebook app, the content is quickly loaded and all in a certain style. Publishers like Refinery 29 and The New York Times have jumped on board as your articles are not only delivered faster and easier to Facebook users, but chances are if you opt for their new way of providing content, your links will get more engagement!

Facebook also announced that from today any publisher or site can use their new instant article format. Here’s how to set it up quickly and easily for your WordPress blog!

  1. Install theĀ Facebook Instant Articles for WP plugin and activate. This will create the special RSS feed that Facebook will use to create these different formatted articles.
  2. Signup as a Publisher with Facebook. Head to Facebook’s publishing site and signup as a publisher. Select the matching Facebook page you have set up for your blog and follow the steps outlined including verifying your blog’s URL by adding the line of code to your blog’s header.
  3. You will then enter your RSS Feed URL which is
  4. From there you will be able to edit the style of your instant articles to match your blog’s brand.
  5. Request a review from Facebook. Note, you will need a minimum of 50 posts on your site to be considered by Facebook. Then sit back and wait for your approval (this should take between 24 – 48 hours!)


How to Activate Facebook Instant Articles on Your WordPress Blog

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  • Thanks so much for this – I had seen articles on how to do this, but none as simple as yours! I’d only ever got up to adding the wordpress plugin! I’ve now put in a request!

  • Although i have one more question – about setting up the RSS feed and putting articles in it?

  • Hey thanks for this article just wondering if you have any idea if the hits on these Facebook instant articles count as hits to your blog on google analytics?

  • adomesticwildflower

    What do I do if it says I haven’t claimed the page? I pasted the tag in the header… thank you!

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